quinta-feira, 26 de abril de 2012

Sebula Update v004

Fixed a few issues, more volume on the shoulders, the eye (although I´m still not quite happy about it ), fixes the  the overall colour map so the nose inside looks more natural now.
Added fur do the caracter so we get some detail against the backlight. I quite fond of it, but might mask it out in some areas on the next render. (don´t like it on the chin...)
The teeth are better, but i think i´ll model new ones and give it a new shader as it still looks crap and not very menacing..
Last but not least i fixed the skin tone and finalized the texture so i can render the 360º.

Hopefully the next update will be the final one... And then off to the next project!


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  1. its alive!!!!!!!!!! lol Its allready the best fan made sebula in the internet. congratz